Challengers News · Where Things Stand With Sports After OSAA Announcement

For those that may have missed it, the following is a message from Athletic Director Nate Mayben after the most recent announcement by the OSAA concerning sports for the 2020-21 school year……
What a crazy Fall season for us all. As athletes and parents of athletes we are experiencing life without competition for the first time in a long time. Some of us may not even remember a time when sports wasn’t the mechanism that determined our everyday routines. For myself, this has been a serious time of reflection and realignment of priorities. As a believer I have felt extremely blessed to have had the extra time to make adjustments to my own priorities by realizing how big of an impact sports has had on my spiritual life. I have spent more time with my own family over the last 9 months then I have over the last 9 years (which has been a real blessing). I think we have all been in similar positions and times of reflection as I hear this common theme on a daily basis from others.
While I try my best to make the most out of this current situation I also see the impact (or lack of impact) these times are having on our student athletes. The other day I walked into the gym and Mr. “A” had some pregame music blaring through the speakers and I was reminded of that feeling you get when our athletes are getting ready to compete. I had forgotten the feeling myself of what excitement and energy that these kids are missing out on. I was reminded of the countless hours spent by coaches, players, parents, staff, and officials in preparation for a single contest. Most heartbreaking was that I was reminded of the memories stored in my own head of my time as a high school athlete. While those memories for me are sweet and the process is still impacting my life I quickly realize what our student athletes are missing. I am saddened by the memories that they will never have, relationships that won’t withstand, and lessons not learned. With that said, I believe in my heart we will pull through and I am optimistic heading into the new year. I want to share hope providing a plan moving forward. Below I will do my best to briefly outline what the rest of the high school sports season might look like.
Season 1: All Sports and Activities (Schedules vary and are organized by the head coach of each sport)
        We are currently in Season 1
        Activities, Trainings, Practice, and Competitions depend on the current Jackson County’s Risk Level
        Season 1 Ends Feb. 22nd
Fall Sports: Cross Country, Boys & Girls Soccer, Volleyball, Football
        Practice Officially Starts on Feb. 22nd (Football starts on Feb. 8th)
        Competitions Start on March 1st
        Season Ends April 11th
Spring Sports: Baseball, Softball, Golf, Tennis, Track and Field
        Practice Officially Starts on April 5th
        Competitions Start on April 12th
        Season Ends May 23rd
Winter Sports: Swimming, Wrestling, Boys & Girls Basketball
        Practice officially Starts on May 10th
        Competitions Start May 17th
        Season Ends June 27th
No Defined Season: Cheer, Choir, Band/Orchestra, Speech, Solo Music
For more details please visit
Make sure you are registered on to receive all communication from the athletic department and the individual sports that you are signed up for. To participate in high school athletics you will be required to have the registration completed and a current physical on file after we return from Christmas Break.
Thank you all for your support and patience during the last several months. Let’s keep our heads up and control what we can control (sorry, coach in me coming out). Do the best we can to prepare ourselves to hit the ground running once we get the opportunity to do so.
God is good and He is in control,
Nate Mayben