Challengers News · Figure Skating: Sorani’s Talent, Perseverance Earns National Honor

For her dedication to figure skating while pursuing her studies, senior Kendra Sorani has received national recognition from US Figure Skating. To earn her silver level award, Sorani had to take some 28 tests in four skating disciplines: freestyle, moves in the field, program dance with a partner, and free dance.
The higher level tests require performing in front of a panel of judges, but southern Oregon doesn’t accommodate such tests. That has required travel on Kendra’s part to California, Utah, Idaho, Washington, and Massachusetts. Her resolve has been further tested in that Kendra has not had a local coach in five years. Could you imagine doing skating lessons with Face Time? If it really matters to you, it’s what you do.
Sorani just missed the gold level by one test, hampered for a period of time by illness. Her health was such that she missed a considerable amount of school her junior year, let alone even think about skating. She may still test to attain gold if she elects to do so.
Kendra’s skating pursuits have resulted in some grand opportunities: it has given her the chance to work with such skating luminaries as two-time world titlist Nathan Chen, and Olympians Madison Chock, Evan Bates, and Keaton Messing, to name a few. Recently, she had the opportunity to perform in the Klamath Falls Ice Show. In the second photo below, a younger Kendra is with professional skaters Erin Reed and Joel Dear.
Equipped with that kind of resolve, it will be worth watching to see where Kendra Sorani goes in life. She’s an inspiration.